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Gorillas love music. It’s a fact. We’re not going to upset them by arguing that point. What they don’t love is earbuds that don’t fit and don’t sound fantastic.

We developed Gorilla Ears in accordance to the strictest design specs that the primate community could provide us. That means they are custom fit to your ears. Not snug, not pretty close—they are exact copies of your ears, handcrafted from liquid acrylic. They are perfectly comfortable and almost completely soundproof. Yes, just the way apes like 'em.

Do you remember that Gorilla named Koko that could do sign language? She had a sign for “this music sounds like crap”. Look, Koko had weird taste in music I’ll admit, but she was talking about the quality of the sound going into her skull. Sound quality is what we’re all about here and it’s the reason we offer eight different driver options, from singles all the way up to eight crossover-balanced drivers. We want your music to sound like the musician and producer intended it to sound—no EQs, no bass boost, just pure, clear sound even a hand-talking ape can love.